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Amsterdam e-liquid


Amsterdam e-liquid is one of the best juices on the market. Sourced from only the purest base liquids and finest flavors produced only in North America. Amsterdam eLiquid is a newcomer on the e-juice scene but will soon be very popular with all vapers.

The Smooth Black Cherry Tobacco is one of our favorite tobacco flavored e-Liquids out there. For those of you that enjoy the taste of tobacco but want something on the lighter, fruitier side, this is your juice. The tobacco flavor is soft and pleasant but still delivers that satisfying throat kick with a light and delicious black cherry aftertaste. The aroma is fruitier than it tastes and will surely please those around you.

They encourage you to take a chance on their unique flavors by offering a one bottle guarantee. If you don’t like a bottle of the flavor you selected on their site, they’ll exchange that bottle for another flavor for free! The guarantee is only on one bottle but totally worth the risk if you are considering taking a chance on root beer float or gummy koala bear.

Amsterdam eLiquid is very reasonably priced. A delicious mix of the finest flavors and highest quality ingredients manufactured in Canada and the United States, you can’t go wrong with Amsterdam e-liquid.