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Crystal e-liquid is 100% US made high quality eJuice. This is one of the few brands that offers custom base mixtures where you can choose the percentage of PG and/or VG in your product.

The packaging for Crystal e-liquid is really nice. The ejuice arrives in green glass bottles that preserve the integrity of the e-liquid and the nicotine and protect it from the sun, ensuring that the e-liquid is in optimal condition when it reaches the customer.

We tried the coffee e-liquid and it was pretty good. Nice smooth flavor with a big vapor and pleasant aroma. The aftertaste was a bit funky. Crystal e-liquid produces a really decent vape, especially if you enjoy coffee or fruit flavors.

Crystal offers a great flavor selection however many vapers agree that several of their flavors have a bit of an odd under flavor to them. Their coffee and several fruit flavors are actually quite good but the rest are really hit or miss.