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Halo offers 100% American made high quality e-liquid. They have many creative flavors that produce a big vapor. Their tobacco flavors are some of their most popular. Many people say that their tobacco flavor e-liquids produce an experience much like smoking a real cigarette.

We gave their very popular Mystic Menthol flavor a try. The sensation was indeed intense and if you’re a former menthol smoker you may very well enjoy the cooling sensation and neutral mint flavor.

If you’re looking for a serious throat hit then the Halo Torque 56 flavor is for you. This unfiltered tobacco flavor is specially crafted to create a kick much like that of a real cigarette. Super strong with an intense flavor that will satisfy heavy smokers.

Halo uses a born-on and lot number tracking system, assuring the freshness and quality control of their products. If you are looking for a line of stronger eJuice that will really knock you back then Halo e-liquids may be for you. Very bold flavors and huge vapor that can be a bit too harsh for some people. This e-liquid will definitely satisfy those who regularly smoke full strength, unfiltered cigarettes.