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eLiquid Nikki


eLiquid Nikki is simply pure liquid nicotine. For those of you do it yourself types who are making your own juice at home eLiquid Nikki is our top pick of liquid nicotine brands available.

eLiquid Nikki is 100% VG based premium quality, flavorless liquid nicotine that mixes perfectly with any e-liquid blend. Sourced and manufactured only in North America you can be assured that eLiquid Nikki is made from only the highest quality ingredients.

Whether you’re mixing your own small batch juices at home, or looking for a great wholesale liquid nicotine, eLiquid Nikki is the best. They have only one product and are the experts and have great, easily accessible customer service to answer all of your needs.

eLiquid Nikki is the best option for those of you out there who are handcrafting your own e-liquids. Quality assured at a great price!