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Totally Wicked


Totally wicked offers great variety in their products. They are most well known for their availability of “mix your own” products, allowing any vaping expert to make their own custom e-liquid formulas. On the market since 2008, Totally Wicked is one of the oldest brands out there.

Totally Wicked may scare new vapers away with the extensive warning labels on all of their products, however these are pro-active measures, rather than being forced to do so later on. Some of their products are produced in China so for that reason we only recommend the Patriot Line which is 100% American made, ensuring higher quality ingredients.

The 100% American made Patriot line has some very bold flavors and is probably for those who enjoy very powerful eJuice. If you are looking for an e-liquid that tastes nearly identical to a Marlboro Light then go with the┬áPatriot Range “M/borough”.

Totally Wicked has really decent prices and you can buy bottles of e-liquid up to 500ml! Their Web site is easy to shop and offers a lot of variety in their products, however do your research before you purchase from them to ensure you’re getting the best they have to offer.