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PinkSpot Vapors


PinkSpot vapors is a small, family run, high quality eJuice company. The base liquid is 70% PG and 30% making it of the thicker variety. PinkSpot vapors uses no artificial colors in any of their e-liquids.

Most of their flavors are very fruity and they do not have much variety for those who prefer a more traditional tobacco flavor in their e-liquid. We went with the classic PinkSpot eLiquid Refill. Odd name for a flavor but it was sweet smelling mix of fruit, kind of like sweet tarts.

This particular Pinkspot flavor didn’t really do it for me but the ejuice delivered a great big vapor and a decent throat hit. This particular flavor tasted a bit like menthol as well, but overall pretty satisfying. Not bad that they tossed in a free sample with this order as well.

PinkSpot has a physical retail location in Las Vegas, NV and At $22.95 per 30ml bottle plus a hefty $6.95 for shipping and handling, online shopping with them can be pricey. PinkSpot is surely on the more expensive side, but most definitely a consistent and high quality product.